She Believed The Erotic Is At The Root Of Our Liberation

black man with a rose covering his face
Graciella Ye'Tsunami
August 22, 2023

Within “Uses of The Erotic,” Audre Lorde wrote about how our liberation is rooted in the erotic.

Lorde knew “the erotic” goes beyond sexual intimacy. It’s an energy source rooted in joy, pleasure, and love. But where do we find such a source?

Lorde wrote, “The erotic is a resource within each of us.” She encouraged us to imagine what it’d be like if everything we did sparked immense joy in our bodies. 

Would we live or love differently?

Lorde believed everything we agree to should feel like an “orgasmic yes.” If it doesn’t, that’s when we say “no.”

The erotic is also political, and demands we establish healthy boundaries. And while the erotic doesn’t have to be sexual, we can learn lessons on boundaries from the Black Kink community.

Historically anti-Blackness sexually exploited our ancestors and made up false narratives that we’re ugly and undesirable. That’s why Black Kink Culture, while often misunderstood, is extremely empowering. 

Black Kink communities work to reclaim pleasure, bodily autonomy, boundaries, and freedom, all while reimagining reality outside of anti-Black social expectations that work to police us.

When was the last time you felt pure joy saying “yes” to something? Or maybe it felt good saying “no” ? Like Lorde, we’re free when we listen to our bodies and follow our orgasmic yes.

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