Should These West African Creatures Have Their Own Movies?

Drawing of mythical creature
Leslie Taylor-Grover
November 14, 2020

There are countless movies about dragons, unicorns, leprechauns, and sasquatches. But none of them can hold a candle to these! Here are five mythical West African creatures that deserve their own fantasy movies.

#1: Adze 

This creature may look like a firefly, but it’s really a blood-sucking vampire! It loves children’s blood, and uses its small size to sneak into houses to drain a household’s infants dry.

#2: Ninki Nanka

This swamp dragon looks like a giant reptile – and it spits fire! Some claim to have seen it in real life – but that’s unlikely. If it doesn’t eat you or drag you into the swamp, you’re still not safe: anyone who sees one promptly dies!

#3: Abada

This creature may look like a donkey, but it has two huge horns! But no fear – because these horns can heal diseases.

#4: Jengu

She’s a sea-based beauty with a big curly afro and gap teeth. But she’s not a mermaid, she’s actually a “spirit guide.” She moves between the spirit world and the human world, helping make our lives easier!

#5: Rompo

Do you have a friend that hums during meals? This bizarre creature – part badger, bear, hare, human, and skeleton – feeds on human flesh, humming a tune as it feasts!

We’ve had enough of white people’s fantasy creatures – we need more of our own! Our ability to tell our own stories enables us to continue to survive oppression and hatred. Which of these African creatures do you want to see in a book or film?

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