The Sick Lay Suffering And Neglected In A Facility

Alcatraz prison cells
William Anderson
April 23, 2020

At Elkton Federal Prison, people are suffering and dying. There are things that can be done to prevent this disaster from getting worse, but the slow-to-act officials responsible don’t care about the lives of people who are confined there! 

Someone inside had to show us how bad it really is.

A man locked inside the prison knew he was risking it all by filming what was happening, but he did it anyway - and what he showed was a DISASTER. He was locked in a cell with two people infected with coronavirus (COVID-19)!

He went on to show just how much worse things are still getting inside.

In his video, he shows sick and wheezing men in terrible conditions, and reveals a prison nurse told him “half the unit is about to die.” He also shows a tent set up on the basketball court, where they intend to store the bodies of the dead. 

What’s worse is this affects more than just those inside.

Only a few inmates have died so far, but due to mounting outrage and an increasingly disastrous scenario, the governor sent in the National Guard to help. 

It didn’t have to come to this! Inmate releases SHOULD have happened earlier to prevent a disaster like the one we’re seeing.

The Black people who overwhelmingly inhabit the prisons and jails around the country should not be given death sentences by neglect. Their lives matter, and they have families too!

If we feed into the anti-Black idea that they’re disposable, we put ourselves at risk in more ways than one. We must demand change.

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