Texas Continues To Erase Black History From Their Curriculum

black teacher teaching a classroom
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L. Graciella Maiolatesi
December 20, 2021

Texas’s “Critical Race Theory Bill” bans teachers from having conversations about race with students. It mandates that talk of “white supremacy” be removed from classrooms, even when discussing American history. THIS is white supremacy – and it’s dangerous for our kids!

But it’s not the first time Texas has done sneaky things like this.

Since the 1960s, Texas has essentially controlled the entire American school textbook industry. Because of its large population, each year Texas buys millions of textbooks, but only ones its Board of Education approves. So publishers cater to Texas’ desires.

What do they desire? Whitewashed versions of American history filled with terrible lies.

Publishers don’t want to produce and print multiple versions of textbooks, so the Texas-approved ones are sent to schools around the country. That means students across the country learn that the enslaved were “workers,” and many of them were happy!

Eventually, stricter screening processes for textbooks were created. But this history shows that Texas’s new ban on “Critical Race Theory” is just another strategy to promote their agenda. 

Sadly, the ban creates fear for teachers. Many fear simply telling children the truth could cost them their jobs.

ALL students need accurate Black representation within their curriculum. We must uplift Black children by educating them about racism at an early age, as well as providing them with tools and support that prepare them to combat it.

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