These 5 Popular Tourist Attractions Used To Be Historically Black Towns!

photo of body of brown-ish body of water with trees lining the background
L. Graciella Maiolatesi
August 29, 2022

#1: Oscarville, Georgia 

In 1912 three Black teenagers were lynched for allegedly raping a white woman. White supremacists burned down Oscarville, forcing thousands of Black families to run. Today, Lake Lanier sits over the ghost town.

#2: Kowaliga, Alabama

The first Black-owned railroad ran through Kowaliga, founded by William Benson. His family had purchased 160 acres to establish their all Black community. 

Unfortunately, after Benson’s death, Kowaligia was demolished and reconstructed into Lake Martin.

#3: Susannah, Alabama  

Once a LITERAL gold mine, this thriving Black town was flooded by Lake Martin - the same lake built over Kowaliga! Over 900 bodies were removed from cemeteries before Susannah was submerged - but it’s unclear what happened to these bodies, or how many were left behind.

#4: Seneca Village, NYC

There was once an NYC Black neighborhood called Seneca Village, spanning seven blocks primarily OWNED by our people! White supremacy, hating our success, violently evicted Black families living there and constructed Central Park – which continues to contribute to NYCs gentrification!

#5: Vanport, Oregon 

Vanport was the second-largest shipyard in Oregon, housing 40,000 residents. In 1948, a flood destroyed the town - and white city officials just watched as it was submerged! 18,500 families were displaced and many died. The land was “restored” by turning it into Delta Park.

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