These Amazing Scientists Made Invaluable Discoveries

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Shonda Buchanan
October 20, 2020

George Washington Carver still seems to be the go-to when schools trot out Black scientists. But our history has so many more groundbreaking thinkers! When will the history books include these five names?

#1: Percy Lavon Julian: Chemist

Don’t sleep on this pioneer of chemical synthesis who found key components of medicines derived from plants. 

#2: Marie Maynard Daly: Biochemist

The first Black woman in the U.S. to earn her Ph.D. in chemistry in 1921, she created an impact by making significant discoveries in multiple fields, including the relationship between cholesterol and hypertension. 

#3: Walter Lincoln Hawkins: Chemist and Engineer

An orphan who struggled in childhood, Hawkins is widely regarded as a creator of polymer chemistry. His work made possible much of the high-speed communication we use every day!

#4: Annie J. Easley: Rocket scientist, computer scientist, mathematician

She headed the team that developed the Centaur rocket stage software, while paving the way as one of the first Black computer scientists at NASA!

#5 - Ernest Everett Just: Biologist

He wasn’t just some good-looking brother. Without Just, we might not have known the impact of ultraviolet radiation on living cells. He was a pioneer who first explored the physiology of the development of whole cells. 

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