These Myths About Voting Are Still Popular

sign showing where polling location is that says vote
Abeni Jones
July 19, 2022

Lie #1: Black People Don’t Vote 

Never believe this one. Black people DO vote! Despite sneaky efforts to stop us, we’re among the most stable voting blocs in the US. This myth is rooted in white supremacist stereotypes from the Reconstruction era.

Lie #2: Formerly Incarcerated Can Vote

While formerly incarcerated people can vote in most states, states like Florida have used modern-day poll taxes requiring people to pay all fines and fees owed to the state before voting. Just because someone has been incarcerated doesn’t mean they should lose their right to vote.

Lie #3: Your Vote Doesn’t Count

If voting didn’t change anything, racists wouldn’t be trying so hard to suppress our votes, and Trump’s team wouldn’t have bribed Black people to vote for him. Tons of elections are won by just a handful of votes - sometimes just ONE vote!

Lie #4: Only Presidential Elections Matter

The President has a lot of power, but your local and midterm elections might have larger day-to-day effects on your life! Rock the Vote states, “There is no level of government that is more directly responsible for serving your community than your local elected officials.”

Lie #5: Everyone Has Equal Voting Opportunities

Although it’s against the law for states to deny the right to vote based on race, they find sneaky ways to disenfranchise our people. Many states have voting restrictions like voter ID laws and purges, which disproportionately target us.

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