These Three Myths Are Used To Discriminate Against Black Women

two black women sitting down and smiling
Briona Lamback
June 27, 2022

“Misogynoir” happens where racism and sexism intersect. It’s the dangerous treatment that many Black women face. These are the top three lies white supremacy loves telling about misogynoir.

Lie #1: Same For Everyone

While “misogyny” – hatred of or prejudice against women – does affect all women, misogynoir, coined by Moya Bailey, is a specific form of discrimination that Black women experience. It dates back to caricatures formed during enslavement. One example: when Black women and girls share experiences of abuse or assault, they are much more likely to be ignored than non-Black women.

Lie #2: Doesn’t Happen In Real Life 

Internet and podcast culture are rife with misogynoir, so some may assume it’s just happening in the digital world. But, there are many everyday instances of it – people regularly likened Michelle Obama to a monkey for example, and Serena Williams received extreme criticism for displaying the typical frustrations of a professional athlete.

Lie #3: Only Certain Women

Money and fame don’t shield our women from experiencing misogynoir. When Megan Thee Stallion went public naming rapper Torey Lanez as her assaulter, people met her with intense distrust. Dozens of girls and women named R. Kelly as their abuser early in his career, and they were mostly ignored for years.

Our women deserve care and respect as much as anyone else. As a community, we must protect all Black women at all times!

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