These Vigilantes Were Operating Outside Of The Law

Shotgun in hand
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Cydney Smith
May 13, 2020

Allegedly, it all started with a minor hit-and-run in 2019. 

After witnessing 62-year-old Kenneth Herring drive away from a fender bender, Hannah Payne chased him down, boxed his vehicle in, then pulled out a gun. Herring was dead soon after. Sound familiar?

This hunt, then murder, is strikingly reminiscent of a 2012 killing known around the world.

Trayvon Martin was similarly stalked and murdered by George Zimmerman. No wonder Payne has garnered the nickname of the “female George Zimmerman.”

Because these two exemplify the problem with vigilantism.

Anti-Black vigilantes feel so empowered in their (white) righteousness, they believe they’re not only above the law, but that they ARE the law. Such entitlement has led to many Black deaths, including that of Ahmaud Arbery.

Disturbing footage reveals that, just as George Zimmerman hunted then killed Trayvon Martin, and Hannah Payne hunted then killed Kenneth Herring, the McMichaels father-son duo also hunted then killed Ahmaud Arbery. Which leads to this important point.

Anti-Black vigilantes are NOT good Samaritans. They’re on the prowl for trouble, not peace. For killers like Zimmerman, Payne, and the McMichaels pair? These Black people were problems that needed vigilante justice. 

And once again, Black folks are left wondering if we’ll ever see true justice for such senseless murders. Or will we have to take matters into our own hands?

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