They Experimented On Him In Jail – "Like Livestock"

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Zain Murdock
September 21, 2021

29-year-old Edrick Floreal-Wooten tested positive for COVID-19 in August. Describing symptoms ranging from vomiting to fevers, he and 350 other patients incarcerated at Washington County Jail went to “pill call” to get medicine. They were told they were getting “vitamins, steroids and antibiotics.” 

But it was actually the anti-parasite drug, ivermectin.

Typically known as a horse dewormer, ivermectin is NOT approved to treat COVID-19. In fact, for humans it can cause coma, seizures and even death! Floreal-Wooten himself experienced upper-abdominal pain and diarrhea after the deceptive “treatment.” 

And he’s one of 17 people filing a grievance against the doctor that prescribed it, Dr. Rob Karas.

“They used us as an experiment, like we're livestock,” he said. “Just because we ... make a few mistakes in life, doesn't make us less of a human.“ 

He’s so scared, he won’t even go to the medical staff about his symptoms – and would rather wait over a month until his release to seek help.

Experimenting on Black incarcerated people in this country actually isn’t new. By 1972, over 90% of “drug toxicity testing” was done on prisoners. Ninety percent!

How are prisons rehabilitating people if they’re running dangerous experiments instead of giving actual medical care? Not only does this country hyper-incarcerate Black people, but it’s set out to destroy our health and well-being, too.

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