White Mississippians Once Voted To Send Black People “Back To Africa”

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Leslie Taylor-Grover
April 19, 2022

In the 1920s, while our people were busy fighting against Jim Crow and trying to avoid getting lynched, white people proposed something so ridiculous, we’re STILL shaking our heads.

Back then, European countries owed the United States money for helping them during WWI. White people in Mississippi, fed up with us demanding our rights, petitioned the federal government to make a move that they thought would solve the nation’s race problem AND its debt problem. 

What was this “brilliant” idea?

Europe would pay us back with land they colonized in Africa instead of money. Then the U.S. could ship  Black people over there. Voila! The race problem would be solved!

White voters easily passed the proposal. But there was just one small problem.

Nobody consulted our people! When Black people in Mississippi got the news about this stroke of white genius, most of us did exactly what a situation this stupid calls for. We laughed our asses off and continued fighting for our rights!

Sure, some Black leaders have argued for “Back to Africa” movements – but on our own terms, not as collateral for a loan.

White foolishness then is just as it is now. How we achieve our liberation is up to us, not them. Above all, white people’s antics will NOT stand in the way of our freedom. And that’s no laughing matter!

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