Who’s Really Responsible For The Black Community’s Problems?

group of black people in front of a sign that says register to vote
Leslie Grover-Taylor
May 3, 2024

While history shows Black communities have some power, we still exist in a society that discounts Blackness through policinghousing, education, and even healthcare.  Here’s how that system historically has played in our faces:

 #1: Attack ANYONE who talks about voting rights.

#2: Talk about working hard as the best option for wealth.  Remind Black communities that they aren’t enslaved anymore so they have no reason to be poor or believe in income inequality anymore.

#3: Declare a war on a social condition, such as drugs. But don’t target the white people who use the most addictive drugs. Even though whites are more likely to sell drugs, falsely associate drugs with Black dealers who sell to escape poverty and unemployment.

 #4: When sued for violating rights, play both sides. Agree that enforcement of the laws is racist, but the laws themselves aren’t. Argue that fairness means that everyone should fend for themselves, even those who benefit the most from injustice against Black people.

Our people have power, and we have been a threat to the U.S. political system since emancipation. We remain so today. Otherwise why would so many laws try to stop our progress? Don’t be fooled. Attempts to stop us just changed with the times, but our ability to keep fighting back doesn’t change. What’s our next move?