Wildfires Are Much More Dangerous for Black People Than You Think

forest on fire
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Adé Hennis
May 25, 2023

Lincoln Heights was full of hard working Black people. The town’s history dates back to the 1920s where Black Southerners migrated to the northern California town because they were promised something crucial.

The new Lincoln Heights residents were promised employment, working in a sawmill. The town had its own church, barbershop, nightclubs, and more. The town flourished, but after poverty struck, many Black people left. However, there was one thing that stayed.

The sawmill company’s wood that still remained left it vulnerable to wildfires. Wildfires are something that we think don’t affect Black people, however, we’re 50 percent more vulnerable to wildfires than other communities. Lincoln Heights would be an unfortunate example of that.

In 2020, a wildfire struck the town, leaving many families devastated. So what should we do in the midst of a wildfire?

One of the best things to do during a wildfire when you can’t evacuate your home is to stay inside your home, and stay away from outside walls, according to the United States Department of Agriculture. The department gives more tips on their website.

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