3 Lies We've Been Told About Africa

Cape Town South Africa architecture
Abeni Jones
February 5, 2020

People love to tell lies about Africa because negative portrayals of our Black siblings can be used to excuse discrimination and continued exploitation.

Don’t believe the lies! Here’s the TRUTH about modern Africa.

Lie #1: Africa Is Poor

While there’s poverty in Africa, there is also a lot of wealth. Countries like South Africa and Nigeria are wealthier than some European countries, for example.

Also important: most of the poverty in Africa can be traced to years of colonialism and exploitation by outsiders. Africa has a long history of wealthy, advanced civilizations!

Lie #2: America Gives Too Much Aid To Africa

Africa receives billions of dollars in aid from other countries. But it also has billions stolen every year!

And Americans pay less than 1% of our taxes in TOTAL foreign aid - way less than what most people think.

Lie #3: Africa Is The Most Corrupt Place

Nearly all “developing” countries have to deal with corruption, but they’re not the only ones - the United States, with its lobbyists, nepotism, and Super PACs, for instance, is also extremely corrupt as well as depraved.

And African corruption is also largely a result of colonialism: European powers install corrupt leaders, who make sure outside hands can continue to rob Africa of its bountiful resources. And many countries have debts from independence that are nearly impossible to pay off without bribery and kickbacks!

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