5 Times Politicians Took The Black Vote For Granted

President Johnson signing Civil Rights Act
Abeni Jones
May 6, 2020

#1: The Compromise of 1877

After the Civil War, Republicans put the military in the South to fight white terrorism.

But after the disputed 1876 election, they sold us out - in exchange for the presidency, they withdrew all troops from the South, ending Reconstruction and sending Southern Blacks back into Hell.

#2: New Deal Discrimination

The Great Depression hit Black people hardest. So when FDR and the Democrats offered relief in the New Deal, we ate it up.

It turned out the New Deal discriminated against us, hard.

#3 The Civil Rights Act

The Republican candidate in the 1964 election, Barry Goldwater, refused to support the Civil Rights Act, and we’ve never forgiven the Republicans for it. But what did the Democrats do for us after getting 94% of the Black vote? Not much.

#4 “Bucks” and “Welfare Queens”

Republican Ronald Reagan talked about civil rights in his appeals to Black Americans. But once elected, he created the “welfare queen” stereotype, claimed the “South would rise again,” and made the criminal justice system MUCH harsher on us. 

Even worse? More than 20% of Democrats were so racist, they voted for Reagan!

#5 The “First Black President”

Bill Clinton was known as the “First Black President.” He talked a good game. Then he and Joe Biden crafted the 1994 Crime Bill, which greatly increased mass incarceration - the effects of which we’re still seeing today!

Our vote matters, but it doesn’t stop there. We must continue to hold politicians accountable!

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