Are These Black Politicians Against Black People?

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Leslie Taylor-Grover
February 26, 2021

#1: Clarence Thomas – This longest-serving member of the Supreme Court has spent decades voting against the interests of Black people, so is there any surprise that he would vote to allow states with a history of messing over Black voters to arbitrarily change their voting rules?

#2: Candace Owens – As if saying George Floyd “deserved what he got” wasn’t enough, she had nerve enough to raise money for a racist restaurant owner who called Floyd a thug! It gets worse.

#3: Daniel Cameron – This problematic bureaucrat not only lied about the Breonna Taylor grand jury proceedings, but now he’s making personal attacks against the grand jurors who called for his impeachment!

#4: Ernest Withers – He’s responsible for some of the most iconic photographs of the Civil Rights Movement … but he also served as a paid snitch for the FBI, revealing the plans, contacts and whereabouts of civil rights activists to the Feds.

#5: Austin Chenge – In his bid to be Michigan governor in 2022, Chenge has promised to cancel Black History Month in the state and replace it with “American History Month.” Make that make sense.

As these folks show, just because someone is Black does NOT mean they are for our liberation! Keep your eyes open.

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