Beyoncé Brings Black Culture To Life In New Film

Shonda Buchanan
September 28, 2020

Beyoncé’s Black Is King shows us that if we celebrate Black unity and collective identities, we can produce art that transcends this racist world – reaching back to the knowledge gained in the past to use in the present for positive progress, change and transformation. Here are the Top 5 things we loved.

#1: Black Spirituality.

As the ancestral spirit guide of Simba, Beyoncé’s character represents Oshun, the powerful river goddess, acting as an ever-present reminder of our own power and Black cultural magic.

#2: Black Masculinity.

Bey continues to depict our brothers’ beauty, prowess, responsibility, and grace, showing that when men and women work together, we can AGAIN build African empires.

#3: Collaboration.

Black Is King is peppered with world-renowned Black megastars and rappers. The plethora of icons and musical genius steeped in African funk showcases the power of Black unity.

#4: Swag.

Leopard and cheetah print dresses, royal cloaks and geles/dukus, gold earrings, ochre ball gowns, sunglasses, and of course, the dazzling coifs. And those plate-eyelashes, though! It was a glorious Afrocentric fashion statement!

#5: Blue Ivy!

Little Miss Blue Ivy makes cameo after cameo until we realize that she's the real star in this for Beyoncé, representing the yin to Simba’s yang. It may be Simba’s story, but Blue Ivy’s presence shows children their role in our future.

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