'Black-On-Black Crime' And Debates About Black Life

Police at a crime scene
William Anderson
July 29, 2020

Lie #1: “Black-on-Black” crime exists. 

“Black-On-Black” crime is a misleading, debunked term. There’s nothing unique about violence among Black people, especially given the fact that most crime is segregated by race. Why don’t we hear about “white-on-white” crime?

Lie #2: Black people aren’t individuals. 

A lot of the conversations around violence in the Black community generalizes and stereotypes Black people. If one Black person does something wrong, it’s discussed like it’s a reflection of all Black people as a whole. This happens because of anti-Black racism.

Lie #3: Black people are more violent.

Many Black communities suffer from conditions that lead to higher rates of violence. Poverty, substance abuse, and high unemployment lead to conflict, no matter the race. These are not excuses - these are social problems directly linked to white supremacy.

Lie #4: Violent crime means we can’t say “Black lives matter”

Police are a leading cause of death for young Black men and the sixth leading cause among men generally. We don’t have to accept the racism, inequality, and state violence that led to our communities having issues with violence in the first place!

Lie #5: Black people aren’t being accountable

Black activists have been doing work all around the nation to address gun violence, domestic violence, and other issues in our communities for DECADES. Just because the media doesn’t cover it, or you’re not aware, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist! You can get involved, too!

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