Black Community Culture Was Born From The Ruins Of These Incredible Kingdoms

antonine baths ruins in carthage
Alyssa Guznik
February 16, 2023

Going through an ancient Greek or Roman mythology phase seems like a right of passage for many. Black kids sit through weeks, if not longer, of curriculum on their histories. 

But what about the African civilizations that came LONG before them?

The African continent was an ever-flowing source of powerful, ancient empires that set the tone for commerce and community for centuries. For instance, the Carthaginian, Kush, and Punt empires boasted thriving trade economies.

Exchanging goods for services and vice versa, also known as bartering, allowed these kingdoms to spread and flourish for thousands of years, long before European kingdoms. Our collective ancestors were so adept at expanding through bartering and trade that later empires would try to replicate their success.

The banning of AP Black history classes, as well as critical race theory, is based in fear.  Mainstream white society fears our ancient history and the truth that it holds. Our true history shows us what we’ve been capable of through community building and what we can achieve again.

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