Black History Figures That Will Make You Cringe

May 30, 2019

Dr. Ben Carson

It’s terrifying to think that a man who once called enslaved Africans immigrants - as if they weren’t forcibly ENSLAVED - is now responsible for expanding access to discrimination-free affordable housing. Yikes!

We’re thinking this retired neurosurgeon needs to head back to medicine.

Lincoln Perry

You might better know this early Black actor by his stage name: Stepin Fetchit. Willfully, he played the caricature of a lazy, dumb and docile Negro in many films at the height of Jim Crow. For doing so, he was rewarded plenty of wealth. But, today, his onscreen cooning is simply a tragedy.

“Black Judas”

Dubbed “Black Judas” in the early 20th century by Black intellectuals like W.E.B. Du Bois, William Hannibal Thomas authored, “The American Negro” (1901), a book that condemned Black people for being Black far more callously than any white supremacist. In fact, racists of the day used his book to justify repealing the 15th Amendment.

Clarence Thomas

What a disappointment this Supreme Court Justice has consistently been for nearly 28 years. From opposing affirmative action to his 2013 support of gutting the Voting Rights Act, Thomas has failed us time and time again.

Former justice Thurgood Marshall must be rolling in his grave.

Those Black Women Who Support Trump

Social media stars Diamond and Silk paint a disturbing portrait of how some Black folks who are promised the worst by Trump’s administration can still act against their own interest.

Let’s do the opposite and work in our collective interest toward freedom!

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