Black Mayor Under Fire For Protecting Police

Mayor Lori Lightfoot
William Anderson
January 6, 2021

Many people thought electing Lori Lightfoot would change things. After all, her predecessor was involved in a cover up surrounding the police killing of a Black teen named Laquan McDonald. Unfortunately, it’s now surfaced that Lori has a cover up of her own.

On February 21, 2019, Anjanette Young had finished her shift at the hospital and was getting undressed. That’s when Chicago police came bursting into the WRONG home, guns drawn, as she stood naked and horrified! 

So she decided to act.

Anjanette and local media filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request for the footage to expose what occurred. That’s when Lori Lightfoot’s administration attempted to block the footage from being released – and tried to have Anjanette sanctioned! Then it got even more sinister.

Lightfoot said Anjanette “could have been me,” backtracking after trying to cover it up. The cops have been taken off the streets – for now – and a top city attorney resigned

These “bad information” raids have TOO OFTEN, traumatizing Black families. This tells us how things really work.

Nothing changes the fact that Lori Lightfoot, a Black woman, tried to protect police who violated another Black woman. Simply electing Black people into positions of power doesn’t immediately change anything – but uprooting the oppressive systems does!