Black People Are Living Their Best Lives In These Cities

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Briona Lamback
August 11, 2022

Whether working remotely or wanting to experience new weather, many have wondered what it may be like to move somewhere new. If any of these cities are on your list, you could be on your way to living your best life!

According to a study by SmartAsset, Virginia Beach may be a great place to live. The median Black household income is roughly $65,000, we make up 78.7% of the labor force, and more than 5% of businesses are Black-owned. 

Not to mention, their warm summers and mild winters!

Grand Prairie, Texas, could be an excellent choice for its low poverty rate and median household income of more than $63,000. Another city in Texas, Garland, may be a good look for us, too, with over half of our people owning homes.

In North Carolina, Charlotte and Durham are good options. Although white supremacy makes housing systemically challenging for us with tactics like redlining and predatory loans, Charlotte has a 41% Black homeownership rate. Durham is similar with reasonable education rates and good jobs for us.

After years of being pushed out by white transplants, Washington, D.C. is on its way to being the Black mecca it once was, according to the Washington Post. D.C.’s mayor created the Black Homeownership Strike Force to increase the current 34% rate. And Apartment List ranked D.C. a top city for Black professionals.

There are numerous factors to consider when choosing where to live, especially with rising inflation and pandemic-induced economic uncertainty. We deserve to live well no matter where we go!

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