Black Votes Are Blocked By This Historical Issue

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William Anderson
August 17, 2020

Black people’s voting power has always been targeted. What makes it even worse is how historically, they’ve figured out ways to LEGALLY disenfranchise millions of us – with little to no repercussions!

The USA stands apart in the tool it uses to do this to Black people.

It’s called “civil death.” Since the law and justice systems have been structured around racism, the legal system has been a primary way to target voting rights. History tells us how.

From slavery to the Reconstruction Era to Jim Crow to now, Black people have been subjected to racist laws. It’s not just about personal choices when there’s a system stacked against you. 

Since we’re more likely to be targeted, and thus caught up in the system, that’s how they accomplish a big plan.

Millions of Black people can’t vote because they have a criminal record! 

It’s rare for democratic countries to do this. Most countries, like Canada and South Africa, let people vote from prison or after they leave. But the U.S. fights hard to keep stealing our power!

The prison system is not about rehabilitation or safety. It’s about racism and white supremacy. Part of its purpose is Black voter suppression.

So in order to try to dismantle white supremacy, we have to directly challenge the legal system for our human rights!

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