Community, Family, And Celebs Rally To Stop An Execution

Julius Jones
William Anderson
June 24, 2020

This story was written in partnership with Represent Justice.

Julius Jones is going to be executed for a murder he didn’t commit. He was convicted over 20 years ago for a killing during an alleged carjacking. The only witness gave a vague description (of someone that doesn't look like Julius) and he got blamed. This happened despite the fact that the case has so many issues.

Julius, a 19 year-old student-athlete attending the University of Oklahoma on an academic scholarship, was at his parents’ house for a visit during the incident. The night after the shooting, his co-defendant spent the night at his home. And then something messy happened.

The police, following the direction of another suspect, searched Julius’s home - and that’s how they found the murder weapon and a bandana they’d use to pin it on him. His co-defendant took a plea, did 15 years, and is now free. Julius is facing death - unless we do something.

Shaky DNA evidence from the bandana could match three or more individuals. His co-defendant apparently claimed he “set Julius up.” A racist juror allegedly suggested they “just take the nigger out and shoot him behind the jail.”

All of this and more is why Julius has gained widespread support.

Trae Young, Russell Westbrook, Blake Griffin, and Kim Kardashian West are just a few celebrities telling the governor what needs to happen along with Julius’s family. You can’t execute someone when there are this many inconsistencies!

Sign this petition demanding Gov. Kevin Stitt and Oklahoma's Pardon & Parole Board pardon Julius!

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