This Is A Cop Who Deserves To Be Out Of Work

May 2, 2019

People around the country are screaming #JusticeForLucca after this Black teen was brutalized by Christopher Krickovich.

While Lucca was retrieving the phone of another student placed under arrest, Krickovich quickly turned his rage onto Lucca, as caught on video.

The footage, which has gone viral, has devastated the boy’s family. They had to watch him be pepper sprayed, punched, and slammed into the CONCRETE like his life is worth nothing.

Krickovich said the teen “took an aggressive stance” - a classic police narrative wherein the dirty cop claims he feared for his safety. But if you’re scared of teenagers, maybe you don’t need to be a cop! Of course, we all know that’s just a line to justify their violence.

Coral Springs, FL, where this incident occurred, is less than 20 minutes away from Parkland - a place where the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting happened. The kids in Coral Springs deserve safety and peace as much as Stoneman High’s students do!

In a 4-1 vote, city commissioners recently voted to get rid of Krickovich. And Broward Sheriff Greg Tony responded to a commissioner's questions aggressively and defensively, which one commissioner said displayed “the same aggression” as his officers.

A change is needed here - starting with Krickovich and going up the chain to Tony as well!

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