Department Of Justice Threatens States Over Lockdowns

Trump and Barr shaking hands
William Anderson
May 5, 2020

“States rights! States rights!” Sound familiar? Conservatives use this argument to get away with all kinds of human rights violations - think slavery - without federal intervention. 

Well, thankfully, generations of hypocrisy is being exposed thanks to this man’s power grab.

In power play disguised as states rights advocacy, Attorney General Bill Barr announced he was willing to SUE states that don’t open back up fast enough, or take their coronavirus (COVID-19) lockdowns “too far.” But don’t be fooled.

What Bill Barr and the Trump Administration are saying is that any states that don’t do what they say don’t have a choice. “States rights” only seem to matter when they do things conservatives agree with.

To the horror of many citizens, this is what these lawsuits actually mean for the safety of the general public.

As Barr has stated, he’s willing to sue states for negatively impacting “national commerce” and “our common market,” in order to force them to reopen before it’s safe to.

That means this is about MONEY, simple and plain, and it will mean even MORE disproportionate impact and Black deaths. What we need to do is clear.

We need to continue to make the decisions that keep our families safe and refuse to risk our health because someone else wants us to die for the community. 

We need more relief, not more risk!

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