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Jay Andrew
January 7, 2020

PushBlack believes in the power of Black history. It’s only when we study and understand the past that we can push forward for a better future for all Black people.

As the United States’ first mobile-based organizing group for Black Americans, we keep our people informed about key issues, and then lead them to take action.

Marcus Garvey said, “A people with no knowledge of their history is like a tree without roots.” We won’t stop until our tree bears fruit.

Each day, we share inspiring Black history and news stories with millions of readers. Our members learn from the trial and error of our ancestors in order to develop practical strategies for liberation today. 

Whether the result is advocacy for a specific policy, voting, or developing their own institutions, we use our rich history as an entry point to help Black Americans take back control of our communities, families, and individual lives.

While PushBlack has no political affiliation, we do focus on three key political goals: closing the African-American voting gap, driving economic justice policy change, and standing up for criminal justice reform. 

As a PushBlack subscriber, you will stay informed about issues facing the Black community, be called on to take various civic actions, and also receive the most compelling stories about Black history anywhere on the internet. Our members have fought for justice for Jordan Edwards, kneeled with Colin Kaepernick, and lifted their voices to show that we will not stand for inequality in America. 

By providing Black history to the masses, we are literally putting power in the hands of the people. This has made us the premier mobile source of information and action for Black folks around the country.

We push hard. We push forward. We #PushBlack.

Welcome to the family.

We have a quick favor to ask:

PushBlack is a nonprofit dedicated to raising up Black voices. We are a small team but we have an outsized impact:

  • We reach tens of millions of people with our BLACK NEWS & HISTORY STORIES every year.
  • We fight for CRIMINAL JUSTICE REFORM to protect our community.
  • We run VOTING CAMPAIGNS that reach over 10 million African-Americans across the country.

And as a nonprofit, we rely on small donations from subscribers like you.

With as little as $5 a month, you can help PushBlack raise up Black voices. It only takes a minute, so will you please ?

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