Five Racist Lies About The Black Community

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Leslie Taylor-Grover
May 1, 2020

Let’s start with lies about our bodies. Depraved white doctors conducted heinous experiments on our ancestors. To justify this they claimed we were immune to pain - and many doctors today STILL believe this! Actually, we are MORE likely to feel pain, especially when we have white doctors.

But the lies get worse.

We’re portrayed as crack addicts and drunks, but when it comes to illicit drug use, white people are just as likely to be addicted to drugs and MORE likely to be addicted to alcohol. But because of the lie, whites are 35 TIMES more likely to get addiction support.

But there’s one role we portray well.

Despite the stereotypes about absent Black dads, Black fathers are the ultimate providers. Our men are more likely than white men to feed, bathe, diaper, dress, play with, and read to our children daily.

We can depend on our men! But there’s one thing our families don’t depend on.

We’re not dependent on the government for our well-being. The “welfare queen” lie has been around for decades, but the truth is more white people use welfare cash payments, food stamps, and Medicaid than any other group in this country!

And there’s one more lie we can’t even seem to shake.

So-called “black-on-black crime” happens because of decades of residential segregation and efforts to keep us living in poverty. But people of all races commit crimes where they live and against people who look like them, but only we get blamed for it!

These lies have worked hard over the decades, but our Black excellence works harder. Let’s commit to TRUTH and continue our fight for liberation!

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