Five Reasons The Supreme Court Is Being More Closely Scrutinized

supreme court building
William Anderson
August 11, 2023

An unelected SCOTUS decides elections. 

None of us voted for Supreme Court justices. They’re nominated by the president. But they have influence on presidential elections, too. For example, the court’s ruling on ballot recounts in 2000 allowed George W. Bush to become president, even though the numbers are still inconclusive because studies haven’t been fully conducted.

Justices serve for life.

Not only do we not vote for them, but we’re stuck with Supreme Court justices for the remainder of their lifetimes. This makes the court more likely to be out of touch with the interests of the people. 

Justices decide who has rights.

We celebrate when the Supreme Court decides in our favor, but those individual wins don’t outweigh the anti-Blackness of the system itself. The same court that has “given” us rights has also easily taken them away. 

They have the power to overrule demands. 

Even if there’s a popular demand supported by people, the Supreme Court can overrule it if it pleases. This often happens when justices are influenced by opportunities for wealth and political gain.

They, generally, have the last word. 

Times, needs, and people are always changing. The Supreme Court cannot competently make decisions that always reflect this. It’s undemocratic

When “justice” is ruled by politics, not the people, we need to have more of a say in our own lives - and build a future where we can.

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