Her Work Disproved An Entire Field Of Racist Research

Mural of indigenous Black person
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Leslie Taylor-Grover
August 24, 2021

Audrey Smedley had a brilliant, curious mind. It’s easy to call what she did “Black Girl Magic,” but magic wouldn’t do her work justice. What Smedley did wasn’t magic, it was something much more powerful: uncovering the truth.

Smedley’s work as a scientist proved that there is NO biological basis for racial differences. 

In other words, racial issues are NOT inherent – they depend completely on society. So why did science ignore her work?

Technically, her work wasn’t ignored. White scientists and those who had power in the field decided to stick with the made-up concept of race. 

Why would they accept the truth when the lie of white supremacy benefits them economically, socially, and politically? There are many even today who refuse to accept the truth. But Smedley didn’t give up.

Smedley wrote books, presented her work at conferences, and even opened a research center based on her work. She taught hundreds of students who went on to do their own work. Her work stands, regardless of who ignores it.

When Smedley’s work scientifically disproved the notion of racial superiority, it sent an entire system of false white research down the drain. 

There will always be those who prefer lies to truth. But there are also countless ways for us to use our skills to challenge those lies!

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