Her Work Encouraged Black Pride And Advocated For Black People

Frances Cress Welsing
Shonda Buchanan
January 24, 2021

She stood defiantly at the white board, ignoring the glares of hostile audience members. She wasn’t afraid to share her radical truth. 

As a child, when Frances Cress Welsing’s father read her bedtime stories, she dreamed of something different than other little girls. She wanted to help build stronger Black communities by knowing what made racists tick.

When she graduated from college and wrote her first book, she was embraced by some – but others blasted her with criticism. What made them so angry?

She’d pulled together years of research that proved her controversial theory – and if we didn’t listen, it could be too late. Our very survival depended on it!

Her theory? White supremacy wasn’t hatred – it was jealousy and fear! Whites, genetically inferior because of their lack of melanin, were threatened by us. That’s why we’re persecuted! 

Even though her controversial theory threatened her university career, she refused to be silenced.

Luckily, the community rallied behind her, and she kept her job and continued to write! 

She fought to uncover the truth – racism isn’t our problem, but starts instead in the fearful white mind. The faster we realize this, the faster we can break mental bonds and combat racism by surrounding ourselves with powerful Black images and building strong Black communities!

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