He's Fighting This State's Wrongful Imprisonment Payout Cap

Folded money
Zain Murdock
April 23, 2021

65-year-old Ronnie Long received $750,000 from North Carolina after his 1976 wrongful conviction for assault of a white woman. He said that’s not enough – and they said too bad! But, it’s not that the money isn’t there.

Survivors of wrongful convictions in North Carolina get $50,000 for every year they’re in prison. We’ll do the math: $50,000 x 44 is NOT $750,000! As Long discovered, the law caps payouts at $750,000 – regardless of time.

But Long missed out on his son’s birthdays and graduations, the deaths of both his parents, and … the scariest part? Time. He has no clue what could’ve happened during those years. That’s why he said, “Ain’t no way in hell that you put me in the penitentiary and then tell me what I’m worth!” He’s fighting it.

Here’s the thing. No amount of money can buy Long his years back. But what’s the point of a system that not only steals someone’s life, but then won’t even fully support them? He has intense medical bills, his first-ever house, and, because of his jail time, no life savings!

Ronnie Long’s an example to follow. He’s refused to roll over and let this white supremacist system dictate what’s best for him or how to live his life. And his fight will benefit everyone else dealing with a similar situation!

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