His Anti-Black Comments May Have Serious Implications For Future Decisions

microphone against black background
Zain Murdock
January 6, 2023

Donald Trump’s candidacy announcement for the 2024 presidential election has managed not to be the only news his name has been tied to as of late. 

Trump hosted a range of conspiracy theorists and Hitler apologists at Mar-a-Lago, including 24-year-old Nick Fuentes, who's called burning women alive “the good old days.” Now, videos of Fuentes’ extreme anti-Blackness are resurfacing.

In one livestream, Fuentes claimed that Black people are “illiterate.” That was only the warmup. “Black people are violent,” he said, citing that Black Americans are disproportionately charged for crimes. “They struggle with the impulse control.” 

It’s no surprise he dropped the N-word on the livestream, too.

But these aren’t just words. Anti-Black politicians and their circles are responsible for the racial criminalization causing the disproportionate incarceration rate. Then, they blame us for being inherently “bad” for those disparities existing, as if white supremacy had nothing to do with it.

Recent polls show that Trump’s favorability may be declining. But who knows what goes on behind closed doors and what all may happen before the next election?

Politics is a lot of things. Money. Decisions. Theater. But we must pay attention to the white supremacists politicians like Trump have in their crew. 

When it comes to criminal justice and policy affecting Black people at large, the implications can be life-threatening.

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