The Horrific Way Whites Convinced Each Other To Invade Africa

August 12, 2019

European powers invaded Africa and pillaged the continent of its resources for hundreds of years.

Aside from just taking natural resources, however, many Europeans were after something else - Black women. 

The promise of natural resources wasn’t enough. The powerful created stereotypes of African women as “promiscuous” and “easy” in order to convince hordes of whites to come.

Countless postcards were sent to Europe of nearly-nude African women, claiming that Black women were eager for sex with whites.

They claimed Black people were sub-human “savages” without civilization, and argued that since they were “naturally” hypersexual, white men could have all the sex they wanted.

Thus the “Jezebel” stereotype was born.

When whites arrived, the truth was discovered - but white depravity knows no bounds. They came for sex, and they would get it - through rape. Rape of Black women exploded during this time, and got even worse during slavery AND afterward. 

According to the Blackburn Center, “from the end of the Civil War through the 1960s, no Southern white male was convicted” of raping a Black woman in America.

According to their sick logic, since Black women were “naturally” hypersexual and sub-human, it wasn’t really rape.

Though laws and society have advanced, the stereotype of Black people, especially Black women, as hypersexual persists - and Black women face the brunt of sexual assault and rape even today.

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