How Did This King Unify His People?

Egyptian Tutunkhamun pharoh drawing
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Cydney Smith
October 31, 2020

King Alara ruled the small kingdom of Nubia. Though his people were brilliant, peaceful inventors, they often had to fight off those seeking to pillage their kingdom. He wanted to unify his people, but how could he do it with such a small kingdom?

Nubia shared a common culture with the Egyptians, who often worshipped in Nubia’s temples. The Nubians believed in one God (Amun), and those Egyptians who worshipped one god did, too. Could a common spirituality be a way to unify Nubia and keep the peace?

Yes, but there was more to it than that. Spirituality was one thing, but Alara knew that to build a great civilization another important element was missing. What was it?

The King needed to include leadership roles for both men and women! Though they were equally respected, their roles served different purposes. He created a role for women as spiritual leaders and as political advisors. Did his plan succeed?

Yes. He created the Culture of Amun, and reigned peacefully for 30 years. He also laid the groundwork for others who came after him to expand their rule into Egypt, cementing Black culture with spirituality.  Alara’s work provided for future generations.

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