How Spirituality Has Always Been At The Root Of Black Liberation

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L. Graciella Maiolatesi
May 25, 2023

#1: Harriet Tubman 

Tubman was injured after an overseer threw a weight, cracking her skull. After this injury,  Tubman often experienced dreamlike trances in which she received messages from God. 

Tubman understood her existence as constantly moving between a physical and spiritual plane.

#2: Nat Turner

Turner led the most influential slave revolt within US history. Turner found God in the Bible and nature, and used these teachings to guide him. 

After being captured Turner expressed no remorse and merely stated, “Was not Christ crucified[?]”

#3: Sam Sharpe 

Enslaved Baptist Preacher Sam Sharpe secretly organized the Jamaican Slave Rebellion of 1831. The revolt started as a peaceful protest, becoming violent after enslavers refused to listen to the demands of the enslaved. 

The fear the revolt instilled within the British eventually led to emancipation in Jamaica.

#4: MLK 

MLK believed in non-violence and the power of love. But he also understood “radical love” required actions like defunding the police and military states and redistributing resources to our communities. 

To not do so would mean “spiritual death” for our nation.

#5: Tricia Hersey 

Founder of The Nap Ministry, Hersey believes rest is a divine force necessary to combat capitalism. 

Originally practicing rest was to save her from grind culture literally killing her. Now she’s aware that rest as resistance is needed globally.

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