Inequality Is Deadly And It's Killing More People Than Crime

September 18, 2019

We see it every day: homelessness, poverty, and hunger are all things we view as almost normal. Yet, the thought of violent crime stands out as something much scarier to most. 

But there’s another perspective on inequality that you need to know about. 

A Pew Research Center reports that people think crime has been increasing around the country, but the opposite is true! According to FBI data, violent crime has DECREASED by nearly HALF between 1993 and 2017. News and sensationalized reporting influence our perceptions. 

Because of disproportionate coverage of violent crime, people often think they’re more at risk than they are in reality. However, one of the biggest drivers of premature death is inequality. Lack of healthcare, unequal distribution of wealth, and instability are killing far too many of us!

Poverty and lack of access are not simply shortcomings people face because they’re irresponsible. These issues are systemic and even though crime is an issue, it’s driven by inequality too. Locking people up has been the solution to far too many problems for too long.

If we’re really worried about crime, we have to fight this issue at the root. People need access to healthy food, housing, healthcare, and education. We can’t rely on prisons and police to address inequality in our community. These issues can be fixed when people have the RESOURCES they need!

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