Is It A Criminal Justice System Or A Punishment System?

Barb wire fence in front of jail
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William Anderson
August 14, 2020

Unjust Arrests

Black people are not more likely to commit crimes, despite mythical fallacies like “Black-on-Black crime.” The truth is we’re more likely to be targeted, arrested, and sent to jail because we’re Black. Then once we get to the courtroom, there’s more racism ahead.

Unjust Prosecution 

Prosecutors are very powerful. They decide whether or not to charge people for crimes and how harsh of a sentence to pursue. When you’re Black, the prosecution and the judge are more likely to charge you more for the same crimes. And it still gets worse.

Unjust Imprisonment

Black people fill prisons because of racist policing, imprisonment, and courts. Once we’re locked up, our lives are affected forever - think voting, jobs, and probation. Some people, like George Floyd, are executed by police without trial. Others are killed, too – just later.

Unjust Execution

Capital punishment is racist and stems from lynching. Black people like Nathaniel Woods are regularly executed based on shaky evidence, because prosecutors and judges have the power to frame us. The death penalty is barbaric and outdated, but it shows what this system truly is.

A Punishment System 

Black activists are renaming the “justice system” the “punishment system.” It’s about punishing Black people and maintaining white supremacy. That’s why all of what we see today can be directly linked to slavery and the Black codes. It’s not broken – it’s working as intended!

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