Just When You Thought Nipsey's Murder Couldn't Get Worse

April 22, 2019

Kerry Lathan hadn’t been home long. He was released from prison in September 2018 after doing 24 years of a 26-to-life sentence.

Lathan attempted to transition back into a world that despises formerly incarcerated people. Nipsey Hussle, who was only a kid when Kerry got locked up, heard about Lathan’s plight and offered his elder some help. What happens next is the saddest song of them all.

Kerry went shopping at Hussle’s The Marathon store, where Hussle offered him some free clothes. That tragic day would end with both of them shot and Nipsey dead.

Nipsey was at the store to HELP someone. And he died doing it, while Lathan was left disabled by the shooting.

Now you would think that’s bad enough, but LAPD made it worse. They locked Kerry back up for supposedly violating his parole by associating with a “known gang member” like Nipsey. So despite the police statements we saw on TV offering condolences and expressing the sadness of his loss, AND the actions Nipsey was taking to end gang violence ... was Nipsey just another gang member to them?

People have been outraged, and it looks like the pressure is going to help Lathan get re-released. It just goes to show how unjust parole is - you can get locked up again for ANYTHING. It’s almost impossible not to violate parole, making life after prison an even bigger hardship than it already is.

There’s no doubt in our minds Nipsey wouldn’t have wanted one of his folks to go back to prison for needing help. It’s hard out there for anyone who has a record, and what the police did was an injustice. Kerry doesn’t deserve more punishment.

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