Lying About A Hate Crime Could Land Him With Serious Prison Time

picture of jussie smollett
Zain Murdock
December 16, 2021

39-year-old actor Jussie Smollett’s story may finally be coming to a close. After saying he was victim to a racist and homophobic attack, Smollett’s up against five charges of disorderly conduct. But what was he actually found guilty of?

Lying! No, seriously – Jussie Smollett could spend up to FIFTEEN YEARS in prison for telling law enforcement officials he was a hate crime and battery victim. 

Attorneys say he probably won’t spend more than a month in jail, if any time at all. But it’s possible.

Instead, he may get probation, community service, and/or a $25,000 fine. 

When you compare his “hoax” to similar incidents, though, it highlights why Smollett’s case is so ridiculous.

How many white people in U.S. history have lied to police to get Black people killed – and never faced jail time? How many 911-dialing Karens never stepped foot into a courtroom? 

Or Olympian Ryan Lochte, who went free in Brazil for staging a gunpoint robbery? So let’s be real.

This isn’t about Smollett “wasting time and resources” – police spend about 4% of their time addressing violence anyway. This isn’t about “justice,” when this country REWARDS vigilantes like Kyle Rittenhouse. And this isn’t about keeping us safer.

This is teasing the possibility of LOCKING someone up for no good reason. And a system this inconsistent, and downright silly, needs to be challenged.

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