Police Invaded Her House Because Of A Neighbor's Lie

Police car
Zain Murdock
May 24, 2021

31-year-old credit consultant Laquetta Good just wanted to enjoy her home in Colonial Heights, Virginia. That is, until her white neighbor, Hilary Langlois, came into the picture. 

Langlois went viral and lost her job after Good posted a video of Langlois verbally harassing her. But that’s not all she did.

Good wanted everyone to know the full story. So the next day, she posted this message: “[She told me] I couldn’t afford my house … so I had to sell drugs because I’m black and had a Porsche. Yes the POLICE SURE DID SEARCH MY HOUSE FOR DRUGS.”

The police obviously didn’t find drugs at Good’s home. But why did they even show up?

In the video, Langlois tells her children to grab her phone, saying, “Watch me handle this! You are not the right color, honey!” And, she’s not the only one.

There’s no national database for racially-biased false 911 calls – but in the age of viral “Karens,” it’s common enough that multiple states have suggested laws to fine people for doing it! 

Because the police do show up.

Langlois and the police worked together to criminalize Laquetta Good in her own home – white supremacists always work together. That’s why the system of policing itself needs to be challenged. We know that in these types of cases, Black people do not always leave the situation alive.

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