Lynched In Kentucky: The Story Of Silas Esters

black man being lynched
Briona Lamback
November 19, 2022

Silas Esters was sitting in his cell for a crime he didn’t do when he heard the metal door slam open. Their grip on him was tight AF. What was happening?

Esters was held in the LaRue County Jail in Kentucky and accused of “coercing” a 15-year-old white boy, Granville Ward, to commit a crime. 

In the wee hours of the morning, an angry white masked mob led by Ward and his father arrived at the jail fifty men deep, and the cops threw them the keys to Esters’s cell.

They tightened a noose around his neck and dragged him toward town to have a lynching party. But Esters wasn’t going out that easy. 

He slipped out of their hold and began to run for his life.

But white supremacy is vile, so they riddled his body with bullets just a few hundred yards away before dragging his lifeless body to the courthouse and swinging it from the top steps. 

The system that let this happen is still very much alive today.

White supremacy is still lynching our people. Vigilantes and cops do it in the streets, and the system they created does it through mass incarceration and other systemic ways like medical racism. 

We don’t deserve to live under this system–it has to go entirely because we can’t reform white supremacy.

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