More Police Allegations After Breonna Taylor's Killing

Breonna Taylor mural
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William Anderson
September 15, 2020

Every time the police kill a Black person and there’s a high-profile movement for justice, it happens: they try to tarnish the victim’s name. 

It happened with Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner, and now it’s happening with Breonna Taylor. The ways they’re operating are despicable.

Breonna’s ex-partner, who’s currently serving time, was offered a plea deal to claim she was part of a “crime syndicate!” 

The deal could have reduced a 10-year sentence to probation – but he refused to lie. This exposes a bigger issue.

If the legal system in the U.S. was about justice, these kinds of shady efforts to get people to frame others wouldn’t exist.

People get locked up just because police convinced someone to say they committed a crime! Another of Breonna’s loved ones is taking action.

Breonna’s then-boyfriend, Kenneth Walker, who survived the raid that killed Breonna and was initially arrested for defending them, is suing the cops. He says police tried to use charges to silence him and cover up her murder.

Around the world, people are still calling for the arrest of the cops who killed her, but even if they’re arrested, we still have to deal with a crooked system that tries to frame Black people at every turn in life – AND in death!

It’s not just about individual officers, it’s about the larger issue: racist state violence.

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