Police Accountability Should Look Something Like This

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July 26, 2019

St. Louis Prosecuting Attorney Wesley Bell got elected on a progressive mandate to address the racist wrongs of the criminal justice system. He’s got a new plan in place that’s appeared in places around the country and the end goal is ACCOUNTABILITY. 

The Conviction and Incident Review Unit is a force that can investigate and OVERTURN past convictions. According to the Intercept, it will also “investigate police shootings and allegations of police misconduct.” We need more units like this because the system is definitely racist. 

Of course, this has made him unpopular amongst some. Some prosecutors voted to join a police union out of spite before he was sworn in. That’s WILD considering the fact that those who made this move joined ranks with the police they’re supposed to be holding accountable!

Bell has targeted cash bail, marijuana arrests, and other misdemeanors too. The Riverfront Times reported, “Bell cites national statistics that put the number of exonerations of those wrongly convicted at 2,446 in the past 30 years.”

We need more prosecutors, judges, and defenders who know how crooked and racist the criminal justice system is to STOP just going about business as usual. For us, the usual means us getting profiled, locked up, and even killed. Supporting policies like Bell's is one way to fight back.

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