This Popular Black History Museum Boasts Over 15,000 Treasures

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Tremain Prioleau II
June 4, 2024

Margaret Burroughs was an educator who published a series of children’s books while teaching at DuSable High School in the 1950s and 1960s. Her passion for teaching Black children brought her classroom right into her home.

In 1961, Margaret, with her husband Charles Burroughs, another lifelong educator, founded the Ebony Museum of Negro History. Its mission was to give Black kids on Chicago’s South Side a space to be inspired by their history.

The museum grew as it gained recognition and acclaim. In 1973, it moved to its own building in Chicago’s Washington Park. With additional funding from the Chicago Park District, the Burroughs’ museum added collections from West Africa, the slave trade, and the Civil Rights Movement.

Today, the DuSable Museum boasts over 15,000 pieces of Black history that continue to inspire the world. The Burroughs, acting on their desire to teach Black youth created a beloved educational resource.

The Burroughs understood the power of knowing our history. Black history can teach the next generation to continue the fight for liberation. We all have a role in teaching Black history so the next generation is prepared to continue the fight.