This Powerful Queen Helped Her Husband Rule

African sculpture
Shonda Buchanan
September 8, 2020

Draped in jewels and silk, she leaned over, whispering in her husband’s ear. He nodded. She was the Pharaoh’s most trusted advisor, but jealous Egyptian priests sneered at the Nubian beauty, sowing discontent. 

But their brazen disrespect wouldn’t discourage her.

Queen Tiye was a skilled politician from a young age, and ruled like any Nubian warrior, helping her husband and her adopted country prosper. They ruled for 40 years until his death.

But no one expected what happened next.

Queen Tiye nurtured her son, the next Pharaoh, sharing her strategies for cooperative ruling and empowering the people with their ancestral ways.

But he began to change, breaking dynastic lineage by changing his name and adopting a new religion! Her enemies, smelling weakness, started stealing lands. What could she do?

She did the only thing she could – using one key strategy to keep her son from losing everything she and her husband had created. What was it?

She used her political power to strengthen Egypt the best she could until her death – but the downfall of the 18th dynasty followed. Her grandson, Tutankhamun, ruled for only 9 years.

Tiye was one of the most influential Egyptian Queens, but history is often unkind to powerful women. Like Queen Tiye, women can lead from a cooperative and empowering stance to influence our communities for good!

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