She Paved The Way For Black Women's Suffrage

Women walking circa 1900s
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Leslie Taylor-Grover
September 23, 2020

Adella Hunt Logan, a fair-skinned Black woman, wanted a better future for her daughters. Weary of white supremacy, she came up with a plan. For her, there was one sure way to gain liberation for our people. What was it?

The power of the ballot! Her reasoning was simple: if white women, with their privilege, needed voting rights for THEIR voices to be heard – then Black people would be lost without it!

So how did she implement her plan?

She “passed” as white and infiltrated meetings with white suffragettes! She took the information she learned and used it to help organize our people to vote. She wrote articles, spoke out publicly, and held white activists accountable for including Black voices. 

Despite all of this, Logan felt completely hopeless. But why?

She had worked so hard, but progress was so slow. After battling kidney disease, electroshock therapy, severe depression, and a series of personal problems, Logan tragically ended her own life by jumping from a building. 

Her life was over – but was her work over too?

No! Her daughters continued their mother’s fight for justice. Half a century later, our people gained the right to vote – largely because of Logan’s groundwork!

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