These Were Five Of The Most Anti-Black Presidents Ever

front of the white house
Briona Lamback
July 7, 2022

White supremacy never had to sneak into the White House- the entire government was built on it! These five presidents were some of the most anti-Black to ever set foot in leadership. Their politics made life hell for our people.

 Andrew Johnson

Johnson was an overt white supremacist who openly said that we were inferior to whites. He allowed southern states to institute "Black Codes"–slavery by another name–that STILL impact policing and prisons today.

Ronald Reagan

Reagan hid behind conservatism, making it an excuse to not use the federal government’s power to improve social conditions. Even worse? He conspired in the "war on drugs," which was really just a war on us.

Rutherford B. Hayes

Hayes wanted to secure his presidency so badly that he agreed to withdraw the last federal troops in Southern states. The withdrawal led to intense KKK terrorism and constant attacks against our labor and voting rights.

Woodrow Wilson

Wilson made it his business to re-impose segregation among Civil Service workers in Washington, D.C., single-handedly snatching employment opportunities from our grasp. Wilson also hosted a special White House screening of the most racist film ever, The Birth Of A Nation.

Donald Trump

Trump stirred up white nationalism, both in the Republican party and the entire country. His presidency emboldened white supremacists to target and attack our people. 

The horrific legacies of these presidents aren't the end-all-be-all. Voting in our local elections and grassroots organizing can radically change our communities AND those who control the White House.

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