They Didn't Want You To Know This Man Was Black


Way back in 27th century BCE in Memphis, Egypt, the person who would be known as the world’s first physician was born.

Imhotep is said to have been a highly gifted genius and chief minister to the Pharaoh Djoser, as well as an architect, astrologer, and sage.

Imhotep was practicing what we recognize as modern medicine when most were working with prayers and magic, treating over 200 diseases in his lifetime.   

What is believed to be one of his written works is considered the OLDEST written manual on trauma and surgery. Imhotep performed surgery and he may have also founded the first ever medical school in Memphis.

Imhotep was also an architectural genius! He designed the step pyramid in the city of Memphis - the oldest still-standing monument of its kind and final resting place of Djoser.

Imhotep’s reputation as a genius physician made him a medical demigod only 100 years after his death and he is still revered to this day.

So, remember this: the foundation of modern medical practice started with Black people.

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