They Ignored The Ancient African Roots Of Astronomy

Ancient Egyptian Limestone
Briona Lamback
November 16, 2021

Before we turned to the North Star for guidance toward freedom in the Americas, ancient Africans observed the stars and used the sun to determine their days. The Nile Valley was the epicenter of science and technology for thousands of years – until Europeans invaded.

As white societies often do, Greeks swooped into Ancient Kemet and renamed it Egypt. Meanwhile, they spent decades studying at the feet of African scholars who taught them everything they knew about astronomy. They then co-opted this knowledge, but apparently lacked the range to understand it deeply.

So with their incorrect interpretations, Greeks returned home, presented the findings as their own, and created mythology based on African knowledge. According to historians, nearly all Greek Goddesses can be stripped down to their African prototypes. So what does this mean today?

Eventually, this co-opting morphed African astronomical science into the astrology we know today. Many horoscope sites and astrology apps use what they think is Greek mythology, but it’s a watered-down African discovery. We’ve always been the blueprint!

Since the dawn of time, Black people have been innovators, and white societies have always stolen from us and tried to claim credit. Despite the persistence of white thievery, we must continue being great – they can try, but can’t duplicate Black excellence!

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